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McCain heckled on immigration in Michigan

In this brief video from a campaign stop in Michigan, John McCain's answer to a question on immigration is interrupted, first by boos and groans, then by a heckler. He gets testy for a second - you get the feeling he is trying to stop himself from saying something - but then recovers to finish with an applause line:

Via Hugh Hewitt, thought by some to be Mitt Romney's long-lost son.

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Comments (2)

All the professional pundit... (Below threshold)

All the professional pundits are sitting in their darkened rooms/buses with the curtains drawn waiting for Michigan to pass over. That's the way it seems to me, a reader.

What poodles and dilettantes! As if these People have reputations to conserve! I'd fire them all for malingering and for puerile faggotry! I would replace them with Amanda Carpenter and her BFFs.

OK: Democratic cross-party voter hijinx must be assumed. I'll assign 2/3 to McCain, 1/3 to Paul.


P.S. I hope Romney beats McCain for various reasons, but I'm pretending to be a pundit here! The Massachusetts Mormon hedge fund operator/pro-abortion thing has been one big drag on Mitt from Day 1.
And I would LIKE Paul to do better than 4th, and the setting could allow it, but Republican voters have been lobotomized and compromised and plain tuckered-out who haven't already abandoned hope in Team Bush.

"Via Hugh Hewitt, thought by some to be Mitt Romney's long-lost son"-ja

Mitt is Hugh's Harvey.

It is difficult to take Mr.... (Below threshold)

It is difficult to take Mr. McCain seriously when he was the co-sponsor of the Shamnesty debacle. For that reason alone I wouldn't vote for him.







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