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Slate.com created the widget you see below. Click "More" to see the Obamaisms they've collected.

My favorite:

Obamatose: in a deep slumber, dreaming of Obama

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Frightening.... (Below threshold)


Our friend , Charles Krauth... (Below threshold)

Our friend , Charles Krauth. has written a column on Obamaisms. It is serious, true and will not be read by the morons on the Left. They want to believe in nothingness, Change, Hope which will lead to the destruction of our free enterprise system, our military superiority and make this nation a socialist pacifist nation like, oh, some Third World nation. I have been warning readers on this now for one year. All my friends thought Hil would win the Demleftist nomination. I maintained she was old news and now the voters have made her so. If she steals the nomination, the Gop will actually win. Let us pray she does. He is actually more dangerous to the USA than she and Bubba would be. Just ask Charles.







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