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Congressman wants to overhaul college bowl system

I'd give Joe Barton a Knucklehead award for this, except he has won one already.

Taking aim at a BCS system he said "consistently misfires," a member of Congress planned to introduce legislation Wednesday that would force college football to adopt a playoff to determine the national champion.

Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, the ranking Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, didn't specify what sort of playoff he wants -- only that the BCS should go.

"In some years the sport's national championship winner was left unsettled, and at least one school was left out of the many millions of dollars in revenue that accompany the title," Barton said in a statement released ahead of the bill's introduction. "Despite repeated efforts to improve the system, the controversy rages on."

He said the bill -- being co-sponsored by Reps. Bobby Rush, an Illinois Democrat, and Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican -- "will prohibit the marketing, promotion, and advertising of a postseason game as a 'national championship' football game, unless it is the result of a playoff system. Violations of the prohibition will be treated as violations of the Federal Trade Commission Act as an unfair or deceptive act or practice."

The BCS was created in 1998 by the six most powerful conferences. Since then, the system has been tweaked to make it easier for teams from smaller conferences to qualify for the top games. The sites for the four BCS bowls -- the Rose, Orange, Sugar and Fiesta -- take turns hosting a championship game between the top two teams in the BCS standings, which are based on two human polls and six computer ratings.

Don't you have something better to spend taxpayer time on, Congressman?If you're going to force a change, at least lets hear your idea so sports bloggers like myself can critique it.

The BCS isn't perfect, but a playoff will be time consuming and will spill the distorted college football season well into January if not February. When are these Student athletes supposed to attend classes?

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Comments (2)

Try and think clearly on th... (Below threshold)

Try and think clearly on this issue.

A college football playoff could/would begin in mid December and run to mid Jan (16 teams - 11 conf winners & 5 at large).

Now...what are college students doing during this time? Lets see...they just finished finals...and gosh...THEY'RE ON BREAK!

"Not perfect"?

Try, the Bc$ is a fraud. Isn't part our governments job to prevent fraudulent business practices?

No, it wouldn't need to spi... (Below threshold)

No, it wouldn't need to spill over into February. A sixteen team playoff (11 conference champs and five wild cards) with round one around Xmas and round two around New Year's. Games would be spread out to maximize TV revenue. Bowls could opt in as playoff hosts or continue as is hosting non-playoff teams. All but four teams would be eliminated by the weekend of/or after New Year's Day. Hold the national semifinals a week to ten day's later. That leaves only two teams to play in later January. Very little time would be lost for academics as a result.







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