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Taiwan's ex-president Shui-bian Chen indicted for corruption

Bribes, money laundering, kickbacks.

Taiwan's former president Chen Shui-bian was indicted on Friday for corruption, just months after finishing eight years in office marked by a pro-independence agenda that badly damaged ties with China.

Legal experts say Chen, the island's first former leader to be indicted, could face life in prison if convicted on the charges of corruption and money laundering. His wife and son were also indicted in the sweeping case.

Chen, who pledged to clean up Taiwanese politics when he was elected in 2000, left office in May after serving the maximum two terms as president.

"We are seeking the severest punishment for Chen since the former president had breached his oath and showed no remorse during the investigation. He even attacked the judicial system," said prosecutors' office spokesman Chen Yun-nan.

Prosecutors say the 58-year-old Chen, a lawyer by training, and his wife Wu Shu-chen embezzled about three million US dollars in public funds and accepted a bribe of about 12 million US dollars along with two others on a land deal.

Their son Chen Chih-chung, daughter-in-law Huang Jui-ching and 10 others were indicted for corruption, money laundering and document forgery in connection with the massive case, which has captivated Taiwan for months.

Prosecutors also allege that Wu took a kickback of 2.7 million US dollars in connection with a construction project in a 154-page indictment.

He cleaned up all right. Just like an IL Governor who made similar promises when first running for office.

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