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3rd Palm Beach County Commissioner resigns in three years

Lets get all the crooks out. Three down, four to go. From the Sun-Sentinel-

County Commissioner Mary McCarty resigned today and said she plans to plead guilty to honest services fraud.

McCarty becomes the third county commissioner in recent years to resign as a result of corruption charges.

In her resignation letter, McCarty said she accepted free and discounted hotel rooms and services. She also said she failed to recuse herself from bond issues that benefited her husband's employers and "through them both my husband and me."

"I am disgusted with myself for, once again, placing the commission that I respect so much in an untenable situation," she wrote.

Here is a link to McCarty's resignation letter.

Commissioners Tony Masilotti and Warren Newell resigned in disgrace and are now serving time in federal prison. Two more commissioners are under investigation.

McCarty is certainly neither the first or last politician to use her elected office to enrich herself. I hope the judge throws the book at her. Maybe then local officials will stop this bull crap, but I won't get my hopes up.

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The situation is a lot w... (Below threshold)

The situation is a lot worse than even the story indicates. There are seven commissioners in Palm Beach County. Three are already either in prison or heading there.
That leaves four more. And the feds are still working on at least several of them. Minimally, just about all have been guilty of interest peddling.
When times were good, they were quick to spend and often on projects that benefited themselves and their families. Expect at least one and possible more indictments of the commissioners.







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