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Alex Sink won't run for US Senate in 2010

Florida's Chief Financial Officer, and only Democrat in the state cabinet, was considered by many Democrats the party's best chance to win the Senate Seat being vacated by Mel Martinez.

Sink also appears to have ruled out a challenge to Governor Charlie Crist in 2010.

I expect several Florida members of Congress to begin lining up for a run in 2010. An open Senate seat gives these politicians a rare chance to step up in Washington. Kendrick Meek has already announced his candidacy.

Here's a name I'll float for the Democratic nomination- Former State Senator Rod Smith. He's a moderate Democrat from Northern Florida who narrowly lost a bid for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2006.

The Tallahassee Democrat article on Alex Sink can be found here.

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Comments (1)

Allen Boyd looks like the s... (Below threshold)

Allen Boyd looks like the strongest Democrat in the race. Despite a narrow win for Obama, Florida remains a center-right state. It would be nearly impossible to pin the liberal label on Boyd. North Florida is the key to the general election and Boyd has proven his ability to be competitive in that region.

Rod Smith is more likely to run for Attorney General or Governor again at some point. If he runs, Smith needs to hire some different media people than he used in the 2006 Gubernatorial campaign.

Take a look at a link to a Smith TV ad which ran heavily during the 2006 primary campaign. The ad guys had Smith standing on the tarmac near a helicopter and nearly screaming to be heard. Smith's campaign advisers were no doubt trying to convey a sense of reality and urgency but it was really a terrible ad IMHO.







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