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Two yearlings named for NJ state legislators

Too bad trotters and pacers don't race at Churchill Downs*. From Harnessracing.com-

Two Perretti Farms yearlings have been named in honor of New Jersey state legislators Jennifer Beck and Joseph Malone.

Beckretariat, named for Senator Beck [R-12], who is from Red Bank, NJ, is a pacing filly by Rocknroll Hanover out of the broodmare Sweet Smilin' Lady.

Muscles Malone, named for Assemblyman Malone [R-30] of Bordentown, NJ, is a son of trotting stallion Muscles Yankee and out of the broodmare Malexandria.

Both yearlings were bred at Perretti Farms in Cream Ridge, NJ and, according to Perretti spokesman Bob Marks, they will both be for sale in the fall. (NJ SBOA)

How long before a yearling is named Super Obama? There was a famous trotter named Super Bowl 30 years ago.

*- I was making a joke. Churchill Downs is not named after Winston Churchill.

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