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Jordanian businessman indicted for illegal contributions

He is alleged to have arranged $60,000 in campaign donations. From AP-

A Jordanian businessman was indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly making illegal campaign contributions to three presidential candidates and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

Ala'a al-Ali, a resident of the Dominican Republic who also goes by the name Ala'a Mohy Eddin Elali, was named in a six-count indictment alleging conspiracy and making illegal campaign contributions.

Wednesday's indictment said Ali, 37, arranged for at least $60,000 in illegal donations to be funneled into the campaigns of three presidential candidates and $5,000 to and one person running for governor. The New York Times identified these as John McCain, Rudolph Giuliani, Hillary Clinton and Crist, who ran for governor in 2006.

With the exception of Crist, he sure knows how to pick winners.

The indictment alleged Ali conspired with others to recruit Southern California residents to contribute to the campaigns with promises they would be reimbursed. Ali was said to have reimbursed them with cash or checks.

Ali allegedly violated the Federal Election Campaign Act, which makes it illegal for an individual to make more than $2,300 in federal campaign contributions.

I wonder when the $2,300 limit was set. That's chump change for any kind of statewide race.

Congress has a way of setting limits but never adjusting them for inflation. Take for instance the maximum amount for a capitol loss in a year. It's been $3,000 for as long as I can remember.

He also allegedly violated federal law by making a contribution in the name of another person as well as a law making it illegal for a foreign national to make any contributions to a federal, state or local campaign. The indictment identified Ali as a "citizen of Jordan and the Dominican Republic and not a citizen of the United States."
If convicted, will he get deported or does he have a friend or relative in the Obama administration?
The indictment said Ali instructed an unidentified co-conspirator to solicit individuals to contribute to the campaigns.


Ali faces up to 26 years in prison if convicted. An FBI investigation continues in the case.

I sure am glad dangerous criminals like Ali can have the book thrown at them. Imagine if he did something more serious, like possess child pornography!

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