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Anti-Asian Australian politician to run for parliament again

She worries Muslims will bring an end to Australian culture. From AFP-

Far-right Australian politician Pauline Hanson, who sparked outrage with a campaign against Asian immigration, has announced she would run for a state parliament seat in elections next month.

The former member of the federal parliament and leader of the One Nation party said she would contest the Gold Coast hinterland seat of Beaudesert in the March 21 Queensland state election.

But Hanson would give no further details, saying she would make a formal announcement of her candidacy next week, the national AAP news agency reported.

"I'm not saying anything until Monday," she said.

The former fish and chip shop owner was elected to the lower house of the federal parliament in 1996 and in her maiden speech warned that Australia was in danger of being swamped by Asians.

Hanson's racial views drew international criticism but her One Nation party briefly enjoyed strong support in Australia on issues such as immigration and trade protectionism before she lost her seat in 1998.

She was briefly jailed in 2003 for fraudently spending electoral funds before the judgement was overturned.

In 2007 she ran for a seat in the federal senate and switched her target from Asians to Muslims, calling for an end to Islamic immigration to protect "Australian culture".

She has also worried about Asians spreading disease. Maybe she likes to watch Lou Dobbs. Is that the same Australian culture that saw a school ban all gymnastics during lunch time?

Based on her fraudulent spending of campaign funds, voters would be wise to take a pass on this woman.

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