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Palm Beach County Commissioner Addie Greene to step down for health reasons

Out of seven commission members three years ago, four have resigned. From the Sun-Sentinel-

Palm Beach County Commissioner Addie Greene will resign today, citing health reasons.

Greene, a breast cancer survivor, has set an 11 a.m. press conference to announce her resignation, which would be effective April 30.


Greene said she remains cancer free, but that she was encouraged by doctors to reduce stress to avoid a recurrence of the disease.

On Thursday, Green returned from a trip to Tallahassee where she was part of a county delegation lobbying the Legislature. While there, Greene had a brief meeting with Gov. Charlie Crist, who would appoint her replacement.


Greene would be the fourth county commissioner to step down since 2006. Three others -- Tony Masilotti, Warren Newell and Mary McCarty -- resigned amid a federal corruption probe.

Greene, 66, had said her health, not the ongoing federal investigation, would determine whether she resigned from the post she has held since 2000. In addition to cancer, the former state legislator has also been plagued by knee problems.

Call me a cynic if you wish, but I have a hard time believing Greene's resignation is due to health reasons. For one thing, she just ran for re-election four months ago. Secondly, there are the political scandals that have raging locally for the last three years. In addition to the three county commissioner, two West Palm Beach Council members resigned in disgrace before pleading guilty to federal charges. Greene is hardly clean of these 'per to play' allegations. Click here to read how her vote on the local Scripps project was purchased swayed by 5 million dollars in pledges to a foundation. The State Attorneys here been feckless at best rooting out local corruption. I'm betting more than a few Palm Beach County residents like myself expect federal charges against Greene one day.

Before leaving office, Greene tried to have her choice aka State Senator Priscilla Taylor, already in place to replace her on the County Commission. I agree with the Palm Beach Post who editorialized against Governor Crist making any pre-resignation deal. The Governor gets to appoint the replacement, and Crist made the right move by telling Greene no.

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