What is Wizbang®?

Wizbang® is a new media network focused on news, politics, sports, entertainment, and video. It's organized as a series of specialty sites - each bearing the Wizbang ® name. In August/September 2007 the sites will launch a unified redesign that makes them more closely aligned visually.

Who works at Wizbang?

Publisher/Editor In Chief: Kevin Aylward

News: Jay Tea, Lorie Byrd, Kim Priestap, DJ Drummond, Cassy Fiano
Politics: Jim Addison, Alexander K. McClure, Ed Torres
Entertainment: Tracey Coyle, Jen Oliver
Legal: Jayson Javitz
Sports: Steven Powell, JTSally
Tech: TalkSmack, Thomas Grace
Podcast: Charlie Quidnunc

There's other folks who make the Wizbang family of sites possible - our outstanding comment community, our blog contributors, and plenty of behind the scenes people.

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Publisher: Kevin Aylward

Editors: Jim Addison, Bill Jempty

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